Year 8 Council

September 22, 2006

Hey guys! I suppose most of you have read 8R’s council manifestos and if not, read them here!

I just want to point out that I really want this thing – so please vote FOR SCUTTLE! I don’t know if anyone is just doing it for a joke, but I’m not!

Please vote for me because I will make sure that your views get across and I will come up with some good ideas to make the school better!


Yours sincerely……..Scuttle xxx



  1. hey holsta! i may b votin for ya scuttle!!!!!!!!!!!! whoopy whoop go u!!!!!!! hav a gr8 wkend xxxxxxxxxx beanii

  2. i’d like to point out 2 things….

    1. the skirt actually did suit me!
    2. ur background is ok but not every1’s is…. including wilke1, and awwal1!

  3. hey you have a realy good blog it was very interesting and good!!! I enjoyed it !!! My blog is very boring!!! lol !!! cya xx flic xx

  4. I love your new blog background, it’s groovadelic!! My background is pretty horrid, and i wander why that could be archl1!!! NOT mentioning any names!! I will change the back ground now!!!!! xxhehexx

  5. No! dont mollstar I love ur background It roks who cares wht ArchL1 says!

  6. yay hol likes the background I put on!!!!!!!!!!! thats why molsta’s changin it dippy….. cos i put it on and LIKE it… not cos i said its yuck!!!!!!!!!! yay…. some1 lyks my sense of style!!!! lol

  7. lol! I like it and personally I don’t think that Molly you should reduce yourself to taking it away just cos Lucy had it!

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